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Standard Views

Zeno has a number of preconfigured views that can be referenced by name. The following view names can be passed as the view option for a Zeno project.

View NameDescription
image-classificationDisplay images with ground truth and predicted class labels. Works for both binary and multiclass classification. Requires image inputs and text or numeric outputs.
text-classificationDisplay text with ground truth and predicted class labels. Requires text inputs and text or numeric outputs.
audio-transcriptionDisplay audio file along with outputed text, e.g. transcription. Requires audio inputs and text outputs.
code-generationShow formatted code input and code predictions. Use for evaluating code generation models such as Codex.
chatbotShow input-output pairs from chatbot models using the OpenAI API. See the API documentation for details on the required Chat data format.
chatbot-markdownSame as chatbot but renders each cell block as markdown. Useful for rendering complex interactions with external agents, etc.
space-separated-valuesTable view of inputs, outputs, and labels which are space-separated words. Useful for tasks such as part-of-speech tagging.
ragShow the input to a generator that can access information from other documents (retrieval augmented generation). The documents that are used and the system's answer can also be displayed.