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Install the Zeno Python package.

pip install zenoml

Command Line

Zeno includes a command line helper to set up a new project which guides you through creating the TOML configuration file:

zeno init

You can then run Zeno with

zeno config.toml

Jupyter Notebooks

  1. Import zeno with import zeno from zeno

  2. Create a Pandas DataFrame with your metadata.

  3. Run zeno with a dict of options:

"view": "image-classification",
"metadata": my_dataframe,
"data_path": "path/to/data",
"data_column": "image_path",

Adding Models and Metrics

To add model predictions and metrics, you can write functions with the Python API wrappers.

If using the command line, create a folder with a Python file including these functions and add the folder as an option to the TOML file:

functions = "path/to/functions"

In Jupyter Notebooks, you can pass a list of functions to the functions option:

"functions": [model_function, accuracy_function]